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3 Simple Ways to Prevent Damage to Your Car’s Ignition

3 Simple Ways to Prevent Damage to Your Car’s Ignition

Picture this: you’re ready to start the day and get on your way by driving in your car. You attempt to start your car, but fail. You take a look at the car’s ignition and suspect your heavy keyring has finally damaged the ignition beyond a quick fix, and from there you have no clue how to mend it permanently. You’re about to be late for work and start to panic.
At Lock, Stock & Barrel Locksmiths, we see this scenario happening all too often. Not only does it stop our customers from getting to their destination, but it can also be an unwanted and unexpected expense.
To try and avoid finding yourself in this situation, here are three steps you can take to prevent damage to your car’s ignition.

1. Remove Heavy Key-chain Items 

Excess keys and toys that are secured with your car’s keychain can add more stress to the ignition lock cylinder, gradually wearing down the key and tumblers every time you insert and remove your key. In the long run, the car key may be unable to twist out of the lock position or may even fall out of the ignition lock. So, make sure that your car’s keychain is limited to just the keys that you need on a daily basis.

2. Disengage Ignition Lock

If you happen to move the steering wheel after the car engine is turned off, or turn off the engine with the steering wheel rotated, the steering wheel lock may bind and stop the ignition lock from turning, preventing you from starting your car. As the ignition lock is connected to the steering wheel lock, ensure that the former is properly disengaged by turning the wheel back and forth. Do not attempt to use brute force to turn the ignition lock to prevent the key from breaking off and thereby cause damage to the car’s ignition.

3. Use the Right Keys for the Right Car

This seems simple but do ensure that you are actually trying to start the right car. In some cases, car owners may unintentionally unlock or get into their alternate car and try to start the engine. Similarly, car owners may mistakenly try to insert the wrong key into the car’s ignition, inadvertently causing some damage.
Once again, if the key is stuck, do not attempt to use brute force to dislodge it yourself. It’s always best practice to call a local locksmith, so that you do not create any further damage to the car’s ignition. Instead, a mobile locksmith, such as Lock, Stock & Barrel Locksmiths, is your best bet as we can reach you quickly, plus we are very experienced in helping customers in area.

Our mobile locksmith services can assist North Shore residents any time of day, plus we have over 25 years of experience. Just call 0411 700 072 and we can be on our way to you shortly!

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