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5 Tips To Not Losing Your Keys

5 Tips To Not Losing Your Keys

Only a few things are more frustrating than losing your keys. Whether it’s in the morning and you can’t start your car, at the office and you can’t open your desk drawer, or after work and all you want to do is get into your house, kick off your shoes and relax after a hard day.

Keys seem to be something that we seem to lose on a near-constant basis. While calling a locksmith is always an option, there are always things you can try doing to lessen the frequency of our keys winning every game of hide-and-seek with us.

1. Latch Them Onto Your Work Essentials

Since keys do come with rings that we can use to clip them onto things, why not try to attach them to your office ID (of course this supposes that you never lose/forget your ID but that’s another story)? If not your ID, then maybe your car’s remote if you drive to work.

2. The Beltring

Most trousers come with belt rings and these are the perfect place to attach your keys to. This would actually be the BEST place to hang your keys on because unless you have a very specific job that doesn’t require trousers, you are never going to forget to wear them.

3. Put Them on Top Your Phone

The first thing you check when you wake up is most likely your phone. With this in mind, it only makes sense to put your keys on it, that way, you won’t ever forget them because you’ll be grabbing them first thing in the morning.

4. Keep Your Keys Safe in Your Wallet

There is no way that you are leaving your home without your wallet. With your keys in your wallet or purse, you can actually forget about them and they’ll still be there!

5. Make A Duplicate

While this is not exactly a method to not lose your keys, this is a great way of not being hassled as much when you do. Even if you lose your first set, at least you’ll have a backup pair that you can duplicate as well if you do lose a set. Like your main set of keys, keep your duplicates near or in items that you always use or take with you on a daily basis.

Forgetting or losing your keys is something that we have all experienced repeatedly, so it is a good idea to keep them near or attached to something that we’d never forget or lose so that we can find our keys when we need them.

If you have tried the above tips and still end up losing your keys, never fear as you can always contact us and our Master Locksmith will do their best to help you.

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