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5 Tips to Securing Your Home this Holiday Season

5 Tips to Securing Your Home this Holiday Season

We all look forward to the magic of the holiday season. Of course, you don’t want to imagine anything could go wrong. But securing your home over this period is more important than ever. Read on for 5 top tips for securing your home so you can fully enjoy this exciting time.

1. Place Festive Decorations Thoughtfully

When you are getting your home ready for the holiday season, exterior lights can make a huge difference. However, it is vital to take a moment and consider if you might be compromising your security. If you are feeding lights through windows, you are creating a point of entry for would-be criminals. Solar or battery-operated exterior decorations will mean you can keep all your windows locked up tight.

2. Don’t Post Your Location

If you are heading away during the holidays, don’t share your location. Posting on social media is common over this period, but potential burglars may be looking out for clues you are away from home. Keep it quiet, and perhaps invest in some automatic lighting to give the appearance that your home is occupied.

3. Secure Exterior Buildings

It can be tempting to hide gifts anywhere and everywhere – especially large ones! If this sounds like you, ensure that any exterior buildings or garages are locked securely every time to avoid theft.

4. Check Doors and Windows for Weaknesses

As the seasons change and years pass, locks on your doors and windows can become weakened over time. It is worth checking these for vulnerability before the holiday season comes around, so that you can employ an experienced locksmith to tighten up your security before the busy festive months hit.

5. Avoid Hiding Keys

With visitors coming in and out of our homes during the holidays, we often have hidden keys for guests. This can be a green light for opportunistic criminals, so avoid doing this where possible. Having a copy made for a close friend or family member, or leaving a key with a trusted neighbour, is much safer.

With these great tips, your peace of mind will be complete this holiday season. If you need to find a reliable locksmith in Sydney’s North Shore, then look no further. Lock, Stock & Barrel Locksmiths are here to help you with anything you might require. Get in touch with our friendly team to find out more and see how we can improve your security now!

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