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6 Simple Tips To Help Prevent Break-Ins

6 Simple Tips To Help Prevent Break-Ins

With Covid-19 lockdown restrictions having eased for the most part, many of us are venturing from our homes once more. Whether it’s a long-awaited holiday, a trip to the local shops or even if you are still just working from home – the danger of our houses or apartments in Sydney falling victim to break-ins is there. In light of this, we thought it would be useful to offer some fresh tips to help prevent such a horrible occurrence.

Close Windows Before Leaving the House Or When Sleeping

This may seem obvious, yet this is when so many break-ins occur. It’s vital that all windows are closed and locked (see our window locks and safety devices) before leaving home, or if living in a multi-level property, going upstairs to bed.

Make Your Neighbours Aware

Whether you are heading off on a family holiday, business trip or are just travelling away from home for an extended period of time, it can be good to make your neighbours aware of your plans – and vice versa. This way, you can let each other know when your residence will be unoccupied, and keep watch over and listen for unexplained noises in each other’s house or apartment.

Don’t Plant Any Evidence!

Leaving plants to wither and die around your property can offer another potential signal to thieves that you aren’t there. Aim to at least move them out of plain sight!

Use security lights and sounds

Leaving a light or two on variable timers can suggest you are in residence when you’re not. Along the same lines, and particularly if your home is an apartment, using pre-programmed timers linked to the radio can also provide sound security.

Social Media

Lots of people now feel the need to post ‘arrival’ messages on social media, such as ‘Checking it to…’, ‘Arrived for a weekend break at…’, ‘Meal booked tonight at…’ – These are signals of a potentially empty property and is an area of increasing interest to those looking for break-in opportunities.
Next time you’re on holiday, think twice before posting!

Think About Being Locked Out

It does happen – and the best idea is to contact a qualified locksmith. But, as a test, consider this: if you were locked out, how might you break into your own home? Understanding how you’d go about it can also suggest methods burglars might use, and therefore you can think about preventative actions to take.

One final point: people take locks for granted, until that moment when they don’t operate or are no longer securely positioned. Finding out that this was a problem after a break-in happens to just too many people.

Therefore, we recommend giving your household locks a quick check-over to make sure that they are fully functioning. If you come across any issues or uncertainties, our Lock, Stock and Barrel Locksmiths team are always ready to provide effective solutions. We’re on call 24/7 – just contact Lock, Stock & Barrel Locksmiths on 0411 700 072.

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