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8 Reasons Why You Get Your Home Re-Keyed

8 Reasons Why You Get Your Home Re-Keyed

Those of us lucky enough to live in Sydney’s North Shore area appreciate that it’s a pretty safe place to be. However, there are still a variety of different reasons why it can make sense to have your home re-keyed. Here are eight of the most important reasons that we’ve come up with at Lock, Stock & Barrell Locksmiths.

1. You’ve Recently Moved In

This sounds an obvious reason for taking such a course of action. However, this is simply a reminder because, with so much to do as you settle into your new home, it is one important action that can be inadvertently neglected. This also ties in with our next item on the list…

2. You Might Not Know Who Still Has Keys

The previous owners may have passed keys on to their family members, or people who cleaned their property – and you may not know if all such keys were returned before they moved out.

It’s also the case if you’ve lived somewhere for many years, that you may also have forgotten anyone whom you passed a key to.

It’s also not uncommon for people to hide a spare key somewhere around the outside of their property – and then, as time passes, forget where they actually put it or that they even left one out in the first place!

3. Different Doors Have Different Locks – And Keys

You might like to simplify this situation, with one key allowing access to all entry points in your property. Less keys to carry, lose, re-key or simply forget to take with you!

4. One Or More Of Your Keys Might Have Been Stolen

Unbelievably, in some such situations, homeowners have been known not to bother to change the locks even after their keys have been stolen! This can often be made worse when the theft also included personal identity information which included details of the owners ‘address.

5. Duplicates Have Been Made

Over the years, it’s quite common for duplicates to be made when keys go missing, or when extra copies are needed – say for guests. Again, these keys can often then go missing or not be returned, which makes reason #5 to have your keys re-keyed.

6. After Completion of a Home Improvement Project

If this involves trades people or strangers working in your home, then keys might not be returned. It’s even possible that copies of your keys could be made and distributed unknowingly.

7. Changes In Your Relationship Status

After a partner moves out, even if they are welcome to return to collect their possessions, it’s also the case that you might want to control the process and not allow them to come and go as they please, including when you are not at home.

8. Your Current Locks Are Past Their Best

In this case, the likelihood of a key breaking in the lock, or a fault developing, can leave you struggling to gain access to your home. Or, as years pass, your locks may have become outdated and much less secure than modern alternatives.

If you need to re-key your property, our professional and local experts here at family-owned LS&B Locksmiths are ready to help, providing vital locksmith North Shore services.

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