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Covid-19 and Home Security – Keeping Safe While Working From Home

Covid-19 and Home Security – Keeping Safe While Working From Home

One of the biggest societal shifts caused by the Coronavirus pandemic is the huge number of workers now carrying out their jobs from home.

Whether you’re loving or loathing the Work From Home (WFH) lifestyle, it’s important to remember that working from home carries potentially serious security risks.

Plenty of workers have brought valuable equipment from the office into their houses – somewhat easier targets for burglars compared to a secure city skyrise!

You may have a work laptop filled with valuable and confidential data – things that you simply can’t afford to lose. A home break-in is bad enough as it is without jeopardising your career as well.

With Covid-19 turning WFH into the new normal, what should you be doing to ensure your environment is as safe as possible?

1. Consider Upgrading Your Home Security System

If your home security consists of little more than front door, back door and garage door with a simple lock and a set of keys, you may want to think about installing some more sophisticated security measures. Likewise, if your home security system hasn’t been updated for years, it might be time for an upgrade.

A common first step is installing an alarm system. There should be sensors in every room containing high-value items – especially the place you are using as your home office, or where any work equipment, private documents etc. are stored.

To beef up security even more, consider a home CCTV surveillance system.

The camera feed can be accessed on computers, smart phones and tablets, and some CCTV systems include motion sensors and can complement your alarm system. Plus, the visual appearance of cameras alone can be enough to deter any would-be intruder.

2. Lock Up Tight

They may not be as high-tech as a fancy CCTV system, but locks are one of the most efficient ways to secure your property and deter criminals on sight – provided your lock system is comprehensive and high quality.

You should definitely consider upgrading your locks if your home has become your workplace too.

Locks at normal entry points aren’t enough to properly secure your home. Backyard gates, screen doors, windows (all of them) are all possible in-routes for thieves if they’re unguarded by a well-designed lock system.

Get in touch with a locksmith who can walk you through the options. Deadlocks, padlocks, security locks, window locks, cabinet and desk locks, key safes, wall safes and access control systems are just some of the possibilities that might work for you – keeping your home and workplace secure while remaining convenient for the right people to gain access.

3. Avoid Making Yourself A Target

Store anything that might be of value to thieves out of sight whenever they’re not in use.

Don’t leave your laptop unattended in plain sight, even if it’s just to duck out for a coffee. These are exactly the type of opportunities thieves monitor and take advantage of. The same goes for your alarm system if you have one – switch it on whenever you go out, even for a short period of time.

4. Make Sure You Have Proper Insurance

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer a break-in, it’s important to have a back-up plan that will regain some of your loses.

Generally, home and contents insurance won’t cover you for any loss related to business or trade activities, unless this is specifically added to your policy. So, if you’re now one of the millions of Australians regularly working from home, let your insurer know and get the extra coverage you need.

5. Be Cyber Security Savvy

Covid-19 restrictions have meant many home networks are also being used for corporate access – if that network is compromised, it gives cyber criminals the opportunity to worm their way into your company’s databases.

We won’t go into detail about cyber security here – there are plenty of excellent resources on the web to educate you and your family about cyber safety, especially with the rise in Covid-19 related scams and phishing e-mails.

For more information on how Lock Stock & Barrel Locksmiths can help keep your property safe and secure while working from home, get in touch today.

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