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Digital Locks – What Are They and Are They Worth It?

Digital Locks – What Are They and Are They Worth It?

More commonly than ever, many companies offer digital locks as a viable alternative to traditional locking mechanisms on many doors and properties. But what exactly are digital locks? What are they best used for? And, are they worth switching to?
As a professional locksmith, we know the ins and outs of all kinds of locks – and we’ve covered all you need to know below:

What Is A Digital Door Lock?

When you think of digital locks, you may think of the kinds of locks you find in hotels or at gyms – some sort of card-style system where you swipe to gain access.
While these kinds of locks are digital locks, there is a range of different locks that fall under that specific umbrella.
For commercial properties, biometric locks, key fobs, and even number locks (where you enter a code for entry) are standard options.

But while commercial digital locks are more designed to provide access to multiple people, smart locks are increasingly popular for households across Australia. As digital locks have become more sophisticated, they can be operated via smartwatches, apps, or even ‘smart keys,’ similarly to how hotel locks work.

Are Smart Locks Worth It?

If you have the kind of household where everything from your lighting to your sound system is controlled via smart systems, an innovative digital lock sounds like the best possible upgrade for your exterior doors.
For businesses, digital locks are also a valuable and practical option for high-traffic areas where a certain level of restriction is essential.

There are a few benefits to a smart locking system.
1. Firstly, you can make sure your door is firmly locked without any need to get up and check or travel back home if you’re out.
2. Secondly, the convenience of smart locks and not carrying around keys is something many homeowners love.
3. Finally, there’s the novelty factor – there’s still something space-age about your phone, watch, or fingerprint unlocking your front door.


Should I Get A Digital Lock?

If you like the idea of a digital lock, a specialist locksmith can help pick the right option for your specific home and business.

Our specialist team at Lock, Stock & Barrel Locksmiths is up-to-date on everything digital lock.

So if you’re considering upgrading your system, we’re the team to call for a reputable local locksmith service in Sydney’s North Shore.

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