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Does My Home Need A Safe?

Does My Home Need A Safe?

As the holiday season comes to an end, as a homeowner you might wonder; ‘Does my home actually need a safe?’ Whilst you might indeed be back home now, professional thieves don’t simply operate on a: while you are away from home for a week or two is the only time we’ll break in’ basis! Out at work for the day, an evening visit to the movies, or a Saturday shopping trip could all provide the opening for burglars to strike.

Of course, anxiety about the loss of treasured possessions and valuables is only one reason for considering the installation of a truly robust wall or floor-mounted safe. It’s equally true that you are likely to have valuable legal, insurance, ownership and other documents that you would like to protect simply from accidental damage. You may also have albums of old family photos and other historical pieces of information that you want to preserve as best you can.

Wall-Mounted, Floor-Embedded or Free-Standing?

These are three key choices a locksmith will discuss with you when asked about the provision of the level of protection you would wish. Free-standing safes need to be well out-of-sight. Otherwise, any which can be seen by anyone looking into your premises from outside can become a prized target. Even if not spotted before a break-in, these safes could then be subject to complete removal by professional burglars – and a lot of collateral damage can be caused in such circumstances.

For the above reasons, many homeowners prefer to consider either wall-mounted or embedded floor safes. These are built right into the fabric of your home, are well hidden from prying eyes, while providing a terrific level of protection for amounts of cash, and any valuable possessions or documents you wish to protect.

They are on-site alternatives to the costly hire of a safety deposit box. The contents of your home safe are available to you at any moment. But you might need to make a frustrating and time-consuming journey and arrange an appointment to gain access anytime you wish to add or remove items – or simply check a document – in your safety deposit box.

For more information on our wall and floor safe installations, please refer to our safe installation services page.

Talk Through Your Requirements With A Respected Professional

If you’d like to discuss both the benefits and the process of adding a wall or floor mounted safe in your home, call 0411 700 072 and speak to Justin here at LS&B Locksmiths. With over three decades of experience as a Locksmith, the advice offered will be well worth considering to make sure you keep your valuable possessions as secure as possible.

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