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Everything You Need To Know About Deadbolts

Everything You Need To Know About Deadbolts

The word deadbolt is synonymous with safety and security. Deadbolts are usually one solid mechanism that is secured into the door frame. The term “dead” is used to describe the fact that the locking mechanism or bolt will not move on its own and has to be locked and unlocked manually. If you are in the market for a deadbolt, here is everything you need to know about them.

The Different Types of Deadbolts

An important initial point about deadbolts is that there are actually three different types of deadbolts:


1. Single-cylinder deadbolt

The single-cylinder deadbolt is the most common type of deadbolt, and typically has a keyhole on the outside with a knob on the inside.

2. Double cylinder deadbolt


The double cylinder deadbolt, however, has no knob. This means that both sides of the deadbolt require manual locking and unlocking by a key.

3. Keyless deadbolt

The keyless deadbolt functions the same way as the other two types of deadbolts, but as the name suggests – it’s keyless. Instead, this type of deadbolt uses a keypad instead of a keyhole.

If you’re not sure which deadbolt would work best for your needs, then talk to your local locksmith who would be able to recommend one for you.

It is nearly impossible to access the internal mechanisms of a deadbolt, so they are typically installed along with latches and locks that accompany handles or doorknobs.

Safety Concerns

While deadlocks are generally not easily compromised, it is important to know where the keys for the lock are at all times, especially in the case of double-cylinder deadbolts.
Being unable to unlock the door could prove disastrous in an emergency. This is why it is sometimes recommended that the deadbolt should only be used when no one is at home or when securing the key near the keyhole.

The presence of a deadbolt is often enough to direct criminals away from your property to easier targets. The time and effort it takes to compromise one isn’t worth it for an opportunistic thief, but if a deadbolt is breached, it is usually at the connection between the lock and the door frame. Burglars can damage the frame until the metal bolt starts to come away from its position. Therefore it is important to have a lock installed properly by a locksmith.

If you have a question about what deadbolts would be best suited for your needs, reach out to us at Lock, Stock & Barrel Locksmiths. After over a quarter of a century in the business, we would be excited to share our expertise with you.

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