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Five Latest Trends in Home Security

Five Latest Trends in Home Security

Trends affect everything, and home security is no exception. Locksmiths say that the latest trends in the industry mostly revolve around new technologies or technologies that were formerly found in commercial applications. In this post, we take a look at the five latest trends that we’ve come across in Home Security whilst servicing the suburbs of Sydney’s North Shore.

AI is Now Being Used for Security

AI has gotten plenty of attention due to the development of human-like chatbots, but it is also being used for security applications. The AI technology can analyse the content of a video stream and spot anomalies, then make appropriate reports or set off alarms.

Remotely Operated Security Systems

As the “smart home” trend continues, more and more people are expecting to be able to remotely access and control their security systems. Some systems work with popular smart home control systems like Google Nest, and the option is becoming ubiquitous.

Keyless Entry Systems

Many home door locks can now be opened without keys. These can use anything from number pads to biometric readers as an alternative. Most of them do have the capability to be opened with a key as a backup method. A caveat is that there are many of these locks that can be easily bypassed. As reputable locksmiths however, we advise consumers to be careful to choose reputable products.

Perception that Surpasses Visual Light Cameras

Heat sensing and night vision aren’t just for the military anymore. This technology is now inexpensive enough to be included in home security systems. Expect it to gain in popularity. Watch this space!

Better Visual Light Imagery

The days of grainy or dark security footage are coming to an end. As people expect more from their technology, they are demanding clear footage from their security cameras. Manufacturers are doing their best to meet this demand, resulting in improvements in both camera quality and data storage technology.

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