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Gate Issues in Sydney’s North Shore – a Case Study

Gate Issues in Sydney’s North Shore – a Case Study

At Lock, Stock and Barrel Locksmiths, we love to offer our customers dependable solutions that won’t break the bank. We are also keen problem solvers, so when a client contacted us about a particularly bothersome residential gate that was swinging in the wind, we were more than happy to help.

Gates that are heavily used, such as those found in residential complexes and compounds, need to withstand a good amount of wear and tear. Over time, though, even the best gates will begin to show worrying signs. Between everyday use from hundreds of residents to exposure to the elements, gates found in residential compounds often end up with a few weaknesses.

The Problem

In this case, we had a look at the residential compound gate in Sydney’s North Shore and saw that it was swinging loosely in the wind. This is obviously not a good look and completely negates the functionality of the gate. Thankfully, we are well-versed in handling problems just like this.

The Solution

Our solution was quite straightforward in the end, but it did require a fair amount of head-scratching and problem solving to get there.

Our first piece of work was to put the gate on swing-through tabs to secure it and stop the wind from moving it around.

Next, we added a pull handle with a hydraulic arm to prevent it from being pushed or pulled too far and causing a similar issue to the original one.

Our last piece of work on this project was to thoroughly inspect the gate and check for any holes or damage to the framing and body.

For any holes that were found, we patched them in using aluminium strips to restore the integrity of the gate. All in all, our team spent a good amount of time diagnosing the problem and finding a solution, so the work itself was quite fast.

Our team at Lock, Stock and Barrel Locksmiths in Sydney’s North Shore are proud of our problem-solving abilities and the work that we do. We are lateral thinkers that tackle all kinds of problems, from broken locks to faulty gates. We love to help our customers however we can, and we are capable of helping with other issues that may not appear to be straightforward locksmithing concerns.

If you require assistance with a home security matter, contact our expert team today on 0411 700 072.


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