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How To Choose The Right Safe For Your Home

How To Choose The Right Safe For Your Home

Buying a safe is a big decision; after all, it’s going to house some of your most important possessions. As such, you want to be sure that you’re buying the right one. That’s why our experts at Lock, Stock & Barrel Locksmiths have put together this guide to help you choose the right type of home safe for your needs.

Assess What You Need To Protect

The first thing you should do when choosing a safe is to assess what you need to protect. For example, are you looking for somewhere to keep your personal documents secure? Or do you want to keep jewellery or valuables safe from theft? Similarly, how much money are you willing to spend on your new safe?

If cost is not an issue, then we’d recommend sizing up so you can store more items in your safe in the future. If you’re working to a budget, consider what features are most important to you, like the locking mechanism and how it’s anchored.

Decide If You Want It To Be Fireproof

Most safes will provide some protection against fire, but the level of security offered will vary depending on the construction of the safe. For example, a fire safe tends to have thicker insulation, helping to keep the temperature inside the safe below the temperature outside of it. However, this can reduce the amount of available space inside, so if fire resistance isn’t at the top of your priority list but storage space is, a standard safe should be fine.

Consider the Size Of Your Safe

The size of your safe should be proportional to the size of the valuables you want to store inside. If you have a lot of small items, then consider a more compact safe, as this will likely be more affordable too. You also need to factor in where you are going to put the safe – even ‘small’ safes are relatively bulky, so you need to ensure it will actually fit where you want it to go.

Still Need Some Advice?

In the end, it’s important to remember that there are many factors to consider when buying a safe. The best way to start is by assessing what you need to protect and then finding a model that fits those needs. This will help ensure that your possessions remain safe and secure, even if something bad happens, like theft or fire damage.

For more information, speak to a member of our team at Lock, Stock & Barrel Locksmiths and we will do our best to advise you.

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