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How to Secure Your Business In 10 Easy Steps

How to Secure Your Business In 10 Easy Steps

Running a business in Sydney is hard enough without having to worry about break-ins. So, how can you protect your business?

1. Keep It Clean
Items laying around your business can aide a criminal. Not only can it provide cover for a perpetrator, but it can also give them a means for breaking in. Keeping the areas outside of your business clean can prevent opportunity.

2. Keep It Light
A thief’s greatest ally is the dark. So, deprive them of it. Install security lights on the outside of your business and keep lights on inside.

3. Limit Entry Points
Try to keep entry points down to the minimum and don’t forget, criminals use back doors too.

4. Shatter-Proof Your Glass Doors and Windows
Not all glass is the same and offers different levels of protection. If thieves want to smash their way in, then limit their ability to do so with shatter-proof glass options.

5. Record Your Assets
Up-to-date book-keeping can help the police. Your assets record can be handed over and with it, serial numbers and descriptions ready for the police to start tracking.

6. Use A Monitored Alarm System and Security Warning Stickers
Any kind of security alarm will aid in keeping thieves away, but an unmonitored system is only as good as the Samaritan who calls it in. An alarm that has been going off all night is no comfort. A monitored security system is more beneficial; the incident is followed up on immediately, and the opportunity of catching the thieves is increased.

7. Make It Easy for Emergency Services To Find Your Business
If your business is under threat then it is paramount the police and emergency services get there as quickly as possible. By making sure your business’ name and street number is clearly visible, your business can be easily located and offenders more likely caught.

8. Limit the Cash On Hand And Use A Safe
Cash is a greater commodity for a thief, because, unlike goods, the serial numbers are not recorded in your records – making cash less traceable. So, limit the amount of money kept in the cash drawer, do not count it in front of customers, and use a secure wall or floor safe to store any excess cash.

9. Do Not Be A Temptation
The best deterrent for a thief is difficulty. Don’t be an easy target; think about where you position items in your business. Bolt the ATM to the ground at the back of the store, not near the front door. Make their mission hard.

10. Ensure Your Business Is Locked Up Tight
Deadbolts and window locks increase the degree of difficulty for the criminal. Your local locksmith can advise you on your business’ needs and give you the best protection.

Your business’ security is the key to your success. For a convenient and affordable mobile locksmith in North Shore, contact Lock, Stock & Barrel Locksmiths. Our extensive knowledge of northern Sydney homes and businesses makes for the best security for your business.

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