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How to Secure Your Home In 10 Easy Steps

How to Secure Your Home In 10 Easy Steps

In Australia, over 200,000 burglaries are recorded every year, with more than 20% of houses being burgled more than once. The same publication reports that burglaries are least likely to happen on a Sunday night February after midnight, and most likely on a Friday in October after 5pm. Cash, laptops, jewellery, cameras, mobile phones and wallets/handbags are the most commonly stolen items taken in break-ins.

Australia has an average burglary rate of 2.5%, while the international average is 1.8%. Australia is doing worse than most developed countries regarding break-ins. So, how can you secure your home to make it harder if not impossible for burglars to get into your home?

Here are 10 tips to help you:

1. Secure all the doors around your home. Ensure that all entries in your home have excellent construction, are sturdy and that someone can’t reach through the mail slot and open the door.

2. Replace the latches on your windows with locks. A reputable local locksmith such as Lock, Stock and Barrel Locksmiths can offer advice on ideal clamps to secure your windows.

3. Install a security system, whether it be a primary DIY system or a more sophisticated smart one.

4. Have a neighbour or friend walk around your home and look for items that are not secured and that can be quickly picked by intruders.

5. Lock garages at all times to prevent access by intruders. Talk to a professional and reputable locksmith in your local area to advise on secure locks to use for your garage. Panel lift and roller lift doors should be secured with more sets of locks such as padlocks. If you’re located on Sydney’s North Shore, we would be more than happy to recommend options best suited for your home.

6. Ladders, equipment and garden tools should be locked away unless they are in use to prevent intruders from using them to access your home.

7. Take pictures of your valuables and collectables to make it easy to identify them should they be stolen.

8. Ensure you have a fence. A secure fence is an ideal way to deter intruders and protect your home. Solid barriers are not recommended as they are easier to climb and offer thieves places to hide.

9. Bikes, cars, grills and other expensive items should be stowed away in the garage – which should be locked. If you only have street parking, select a well-lit area and lock your car.

10. Have large reflective numbers on your mailbox and home for easy identification. Your home will be easy to identify in case there is an emergency. Thieves love houses that are difficult to get to as they get ample time to get away.

The above list contains a few measures you can take to secure your property. Home security is crucial for the protection of your property and psychological wellness of your family. Keeping windows and doors well locked is a big part of securing your home.

You will need a good mobile locksmith in North Shore like Lock, Stock & Barrel Locksmiths to help you with securing entries to your home. Contact us today for more details.

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