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Moving Home in 2022? Here’s 5 Home Security Tips You Should Know!

Moving Home in 2022? Here’s 5 Home Security Tips You Should Know!

Moving house can be an exciting time. But getting to know a new place also means updating your security practices so you can feel a little safer. Here, we will cover 5 home security tips you should know when moving into a new home.

Install New Locks

When you move into a new home, you might not see the need to upgrade your door locks. However, this should be one of the first things you do! For one, you never know who might still have a key to access your new home – so it’s best to install new locks just to be sure.

And second, your lock system might be outdated and not as secure as you might think. Remember, keeping your home security up to date should be a top priority for your family and residents of the home.

Invest in An Alarm

If you are serious about safety, then an alarm system is a good way to go. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, nor have all the bells and whistles to keep your home secure. A simple system can be very effective to help you to feel a lot more secure whether you are at home or away.

Don’t Advertise Your Absence

Whether you are just going out for the day, or going on a more extended break, make sure that you don’t make it obvious when no one is home. Or, if there is going to be a gap between getting the keys to your new home and your move-in date, it’s best to keep this information to yourself.

It’s also important to cancel any regular deliveries and have your mail regularly. This can make a home look lived in even when no one is there.

Hide Valuable Items

Moving into a new place can be a chaotic time, but try to find somewhere to hide your valuable items early on. Leaving your wallet on a table in the hallway or a laptop in plain view is an easy way to invite burglars into your home.

A great, quick and very secure way to hide your valuables is with a home safe. At Lock, Stock and Barrel Locksmiths we can easily provide and set your new home up with a home safe in no time.

Keep Windows Secure

While you are securing your doors, make sure to check your windows as well. Faulty window locks can make it all too easy for people to enter your home unannounced – a secure lock will stop this from being so simple.

With these tips in mind, you should be able to settle into your new home confidently. And don’t forget, if you are looking to give yourself that bit of added security, Lock, Stock & Barrel Locksmiths can help and offer great advice. Just give us a call on 0411 700 072.

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