Multi-bolt window lock (white)

$55.00 Includes GST

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Carbine CBS Multi Bolt Window Lock features include:

  • Stylish design and easy to install
  • Two types of barrels. Our patented C4 wafer barrel allows the use of C4 5 and 6 pin keys
  • LF wafer barrel allowing the use of Keyline LF29S (Silca LF43R), Keyline LF16 (Silca LF6R) and GA1 keys
  • Easily rekeyable
  • Can be supplied less barrel to allow easy selection of barrel system (see Carbine window lock barrels in our cylinders range for more details)
  • Display pack models come standard with a C4 keyway in single and four packs
  • Designed to suit a variety of window applications
  • Supplied with three different bolts for various window types
  • Bolt can be locked through a front or side projection
  • Carbine CMB window locks, when fitted & used correctly, comply with the new “Falling from Windows” regulations.

Important Notes:
To comply with regulations & provide adequate security, all locks must:
— Be installed per the instructions included with the product
— Be locked & have all keys removed

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