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Returning Security To A Thornleigh Home

Returning Security To A Thornleigh Home

At Lock Stock and Barrel Locksmiths, we are often the second point of call after an unfortunate incident like a break and enter (after the police, of course).

However, once residents have notified law enforcement, the first thing they want to do is restore a sense of safety and security to their homes, and perhaps correct the hardware or infrastructure issues that have made them susceptible to a break-in. We know that break-ins are an extremely unpleasant incident, which is why we always act as quickly as possible.

Thornleigh Case Study

Recently, we were called out to a home in Thornleigh, in Sydney’s North Shore, that had been broken into. A number of valuable goods were stolen, and the residents were very upset. The mother of the household commented that even though she was upset that their things had been taken, she more so felt ‘violated at having people in our home’ and was just ‘glad we weren’t at home with the kids when it happened.’

These types of feelings are very common, and as a family owned and operated business, this is why our number one priority in all break and enter jobs is ensuring that our clients feel safe again in their own homes.

How Lock Stock and Barrel Locksmiths Helped

We understand that every property is different, and assess each situation before making recommendations to improve security. This particular home was the site of forcible entry, vandalism, and burglary. We recognised the importance of changing all the locks because even though the burglars entered through the front door, we knew that the customer wouldn’t feel safe unless all locks were changed and updated. In addition, the customer opted to have a security system installed. Our trained and qualified Locksmith discussed all options with the customer and made sure she knew just what work was going to be done, as well as the costs involved.

Our Locksmith was then able to complete the work quickly and efficiently so the family could get back on track with reorganising their lives. Despite the stress of the situation, the customer felt much more at ease after our Locksmith bid her farewell, leaving our number – 0411 700 072 – in case she had any more questions or concerns.

Contact us at Lock Stock and Barrel Locksmiths today

All of our team understand how distressing a break and enter can be, and want to make sure that we can relieve some of the burden on our customers. When it comes to these situations, we have seen almost every kind of forced entry, and are confident we can make the right recommendations to ensure the future security of each home.

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