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Safe & Secure in Killara

Safe & Secure in Killara

At Lock Stock and Barrel Locksmiths, we always strive to keep our customers happy. This not only comes from our quality locksmith services but from our competitive pricing and friendly customer service.

We treat all jobs as unique and last week we were able to help a local customer in Killara lessen their stresses of their recent break-in. The customer’s small unit in Killara fell victim to a recent snatch and grab in the area which resulted in all of the locks needing to be changed or updated. Without addressing all of the locks, the customer was only going to be all the more likely to be burgled again.

Therefore, our Locksmith, Justin Millard, walked the customer through the updates that he was going to make so that the customer had peace of mind when it came to his home security and safety. Justin was able to complete the updates in a timely manner and left the customer feeling much happier than he was upon our arrival.

We also made some other recommendations to the customer and mentioned that he needed any further assistance, he need only call us on 0411 700 072.


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