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Security Tips When Travelling

Security Tips When Travelling

There are few joys in the world like travelling. That rush when you step off the plane in a new place; the feel of the wind in your hair or the sights and smells of the local surroundings. That feeling is priceless and irreplaceable.
Unfortunately, travelling is not without its risks and challenges, and nowhere is that more true than keeping yourself and your belongings secure in a foreign place. Abiding by a few simple tips can help reduce the risk immeasurably, and help to make your holiday less stressful, letting you concentrate on what’s important.

1. Don’t Flash Your Valuables Around

When you’re out and about, keep your valuables on you, and keep them inconspicuous. For example, high value items like DSLR cameras are extremely easy to spot and difficult to hide. You might have the latest in megapixels and ultra zoom lenses, but you might want to consider leaving the larger, more obvious, accessories at home.
The same goes for large quantities of local currency. When paying, pulling out a large sum of cash and peeling off high denomination notes is a good way to get yourself noticed. If you’re dealing in cash, don’t keep all your money in one place. Have a few smaller stashes in your suitcase, and only keep a small amount in your pockets or wallet/purse. Then replenish your spending money as required.

2. Invest in Secure Gear

While it may not be the height of fashion, a secure wallet worn around the neck and inside your clothes like a necklace is a great way to keep your sensitive valuables like passports or cash completely safe while you’re out.
Handbags and canvas bags with long straps are easy to steal from your person quickly. A backpack is better, although you should secure the pockets with locks while wearing it to prevent people reaching in without you noticing.
In addition, locks for all your suitcases and bags are cheap and secure and help to deter would be thieves too. Just ask us which ones would be most suitable.

3. Use Hotel Safes or Front Desks

Many accommodation options offer secure storage for valuables. Leaving passports and personal electronics in the hotel safe is a good option, but do so with caution. If you’re not sure what makes a safe secure for your belongings, then have a read of our ‘What Makes a Safe ‘Safe’?’ blog post or give us a call for some handy tips.

4. Research Dangerous Areas

While everywhere has risks, learning about some of the more known danger spots to avoid, especially at night or alone, is a good prevention strategy.

5. Don’t Skimp on Travel Insurance

It’s impossible to eliminate all risk, and so having comprehensive travel insurance is a must for any travellor. It’s an easy way to cement peace of mind for your belongings, and these days it is affordable and customisable for your travel circumstances, so you can buy cover for everything your trip might entail.

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