Whether you reside in a traditional Sydney home or are part of the growing community who choose to live in strata buildings, window safety devices have become an urgent concern.

In fact, about 50 children fall out of windows and balconies every year in New South Wales alone.

In order to prevent this and other serious injuries and thefts, the New South Wales Government has made it so that by law, all above-ground windows have to be equipped with child safety locks. That law came into place in March of 2018. Find out if your home is compliant in our dedicated window lock compliance blog post or contact us.

Window safety devices

While the law mainly has an impact on new buildings, considering window safety devices could be a life-saving move in your own home. After all, keeping your children and family safe is a priority for all families.

This is why Lock, Stock & Barrel Locksmiths are proud to provide families with window security devices to increase the safety of your home and, more importantly, your family.

Our window locks restrict the opening of your windows, in order to eliminate any dangers that open windows pose to your children or potential threats from outside predators. When locked, the window won’t open past a certain point. However, our security devices also fully unlock for normal window use when the children aren’t around or are supervised by an adult.

Window security devices are easy to use, long-lasting and can be installed on any kind of window. Given that our window security devices can be installed almost anywhere, even families in older properties or with large windows will be happy to know they can also benefit from them. Our devices are also durable, meaning that it is unlikely you will need to change your locks any time soon.

Why trust Lock, Stock & Barrel Locksmiths?

We are a family owned and operated business. As you can imagine, we pride ourselves on providing quality and durable locks to protect your house. With over 25 years of experience under our belts, our locksmiths on the North Shore of Sydney will provide you with the best service.

As well as window security devices we also offer many other services including the installation of master key systems, access control systems and the installation of safes in your home.

For more information about installing one of our window safety devices in your home, or for a quote, just call us today – a member of our team will be happy to help!

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