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The Matter of Removing Broken Keys

The Matter of Removing Broken Keys

It happens to the best of us — you may be running late for work, or just gotten home after a long day out. You go to stick your trusty key in your door and, all of a sudden, you feel (and hear) it – snap!

A broken key can be an unwelcome and inconvenient obstacle in your day. Luckily, we’ve assembled a list of four simple things you can do to prevent this.

Keep Your Lock Lubricated

This means you will need to use less pressure to open the lock, causing less strain on the key and minimising the chance it will snap inside the door. A standard spray like WD-40, which you can buy at your local supermarket or hardware store, will do the trick nicely.

Only Use Your Keys For Locking (And Unlocking)

Keys are not made to be multipurpose tools, and using it to pry things open or cut through pesky plastic packaging — as tempting as it may be — can cause damage. You should also never pull your door shut with your key, as this will create a weak spot that can cause it to break in the future.

Never Force a Key

You may not realise that might be using too much force with your key, or you may even be putting your car key in the door by mistake. If your key is not turning with ease, take it out and check you are using the right one — otherwise you may have two broken keys on your hands!

Replace Your Keys

Despite your best efforts, your keys will become worn from regular use like most things. Being made from soft metals makes them easier to cut, but this also means keys are actually a lot less durable than most people think.

When you notice your key starting to bend, crack or any other form of damage, you should contact your locksmith to cut a new one. As a general rule, you should replace your keys every few years to keep them in top shape.

Never try to take a broken key out of a lock yourself — you will just end up doing more damage, and may even the cause the lock to need replacing. If you do have a broken key on your hands, call 0411 700 072 and speak to Justin at Lock, Stock & Barrel Locksmiths. With our mobile locksmith services based around Sydney’s North Shore and 24-hour emergency service, we offer quality and efficient lock repairs and key repairs that make sure you are never locked out.

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