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Too Many Keys? Ask For ‘Keyed Alike’ System

Too Many Keys? Ask For ‘Keyed Alike’ System

Sick of carrying a giant bunch of keys just to get into your own home? Get your locks keyed alike by a Master Locksmith. An insured, qualified and registered Master Locksmith like Lock, Stock & Barrel Locksmiths can set up all your locks using one convenient key.
There are so many benefits to getting your locks keyed alike and in this blog, we’ll delve into the main benefits of keyed alike.

You Only Need A Single Master Key

The main crucial benefit of getting your locks keyed alike is that you only need a single master key for all the locks you choose to get keyed alike. This means one key can open any lock you have without the need for a bunch of different keys for every lock.
It’s so much more convenient, especially if you have many locks for your home or business and have to use a big bunch of keys every time you access them.

No Limits On The Number Of Locks

You may think that getting your locks keyed alike means there’s a limit to how many locks in your house can get keyed alike. However, this isn’t the case. There’s no limit to the number of locks you can get keyed alike for your home and business. You can even have multiple locks on the same door for example without worrying about having to find the right key for the right lock.

You’ll Only Need One Replacement Key

If you’re more prone to losing your keys and having to pay for replacements, only needing one master key can help you save extra costs in the long run. You’d only need to pay for a single replacement. It also helps to save costs if you ever have to get keys cut for people who might need access to your property.

At Lock, Stock and Barrel Locksmiths, we offer keyed-alike services for all homes and businesses across Sydney’s North Shore. Our family-owned business offers reliable and prompt locksmith services for all of your security needs. Get in touch with us today for how our keyed-alike services can benefit your property.

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