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What Do You Do If Your Property Gets Robbed?

What Do You Do If Your Property Gets Robbed?

Knowing someone’s broken into your home and stolen possessions is a feeling no one wants. After a break-in, you’re naturally anxious as you try to assess the situation for damage and missing items.

At Lock, Stock and Barrel Locksmiths, our friendly and experienced team put your peace of mind first. Here are our helpful tips on what you can do to guarantee the best resolution after you’ve been robbed.

1. Report the Robbery

If you’ve been the victim of a break-in, it’s important you report it to the police by dialling 000.

2. Work Out What’s Missing

As part of their investigation, the police will want to work out what’s been taken from your home. Check each room thoroughly, especially places you might keep valuables, and identify anything that’s missing.

3. Follow Instructions

The police may want to conduct a forensic check for fingerprints or other evidence. They will advise you on what to do in such an instance and how you can avoid causing disruption to the scene.

4. Cancel Identity Documents

If your wallet or any identity documents have been stolen, make sure to report their theft and contact your financial institution to have your credit or debit card cancelled.

5. Contact Your Insurance Provider

If you have home and contents insurance, you can contact your provider after the police have completed their report and make the steps to lodge a claim.

6. Assess the Safety Of Your Home

The police may be able to identify how the break-in occurred. Consider whether it would be worthwhile to invest in security cameras or new locks to guarantee security, and assess your other safety measures, such as keeping your valuables safe, keeping doors and windows locked when not at home, and checking your alarm system is working.

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