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What is a Deadbolt Lock?

What is a Deadbolt Lock?

A deadbolt lock is a lock that has a bolt that requires a key or thumb to turn. The bolt extends and retracts from the door into the door frame, preventing the door from being opened from the outside.

Deadbolt locks are highly secure for two reasons.

  1. The bolt is not spring-activated
  2. The bolt cannot be opened with a credit card or other handheld tools

In other words, picking these locks is extremely difficult for criminals or unauthorised persons.

In Sydney, Australia, you typically find deadbolt locks installed on secure solid wood, fibreglass or steel doors. Doors provide a robust frame that secures the locking mechanism, ensuring adequate protection. Installing deadbolts on hollow wood doors is ineffective and makes the lock vulnerable to battering, boring and other forms of forced entry. Almost all deadbolt locals are made of hardened steel.


Types Of Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks come in two varieties: single and double-cylinder deadbolts.

Single-cylinder varieties are key-activated on the exterior door and have a thumb-turn piece on the interior side. These locks are popular for apartment front doors where no breakable glass is within approximately 40 inches of the knob. (If there is, criminals could simply break the glass and access the turn knob piece from the inside.


Double-cylinder deadbolts have locks on both the inside and outside. These are more secure, but you always need to keep a key nearby in case of emergency.

Many locks also come with a strike plate. This feature strengthens the door frame around the lock, making it more robust.


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